Do you write Christian fiction for 8-16s?

Whether you are looking for a bit of ENCOURAGEMENT, SUPPORT or TUITION, I hope you will allow me to help you make your stories the very best they can be. My passion is reaching young people with the good news of Jesus through stories, so I'd love to help you with yours. (I'm a publisher of Christian novels for children and teens.)

You can start RIGHT NOW. Sign up below and straight away you will receive a pdf training I have written for you: 7 ESSENTIALS FOR A GRIPPING START TO YOUR STORY. Then I will send you regular emails to help you stick to your writing goals – or even exceed them!

You need to hook your readers right from the first sentences... this guide will help you craft the perfect beginning to your story.

Let me know how you get on!


Janet Wilson
Founder, Dernier Publishing (Christian novels for 8-16s)
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