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If you have an interest in Christian books for young people aged from around 7-17, we would love you to join our email list!

(Whether your interest is in buying books, or praying for the children who read our books.)

In our emails (which we try to keep interesting!) we inform you about new or updated projects, let you know about offers and events, and generally keep you in touch with all that's new.

We only usually send out one email a month, although occasionally it may be more.

Please be assured that we are here to serve you and the young people on your heart, not try to get you to buy books you don't want or need, or inundate you with emails with clever marketing talk. :-)

We just want to make sure you know what's around, so you can choose the best books for the young people on your heart.

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Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson

Director, Dernier Publishing

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